Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Week Slideshow

This is my slideshow. I used animoto. I think the pictures may be moving too quickly, let me know what you think. I wanted to use all my apple photos but it wouldn't let me if I made it go slower. I would use this slideshow at Open House or Meet the Teacher Night to give parents and family members a glimpse into our everyday life. Students could take pictures using a digital camera of nature during a nature walk and then we could make a classroom slideshow of what we saw and they can use the slideshow to share with the other students in the class what they found.

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  1. This is really cute. The speed doesn't bother me because I just paused it when I wanted to check out what the kids were doing, such as with the tongs and pom poms or fluff balls they were gluing on.

  2. Samantha, you did a great job on your slide show! It was great seeing your students in action! Thanks for sharing with the class. :)