Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Classroom Blog

Here is a link to the blog that I started for my classroom. I originally was going to post photos and newsletters but quickly realized that not all of my families have a computer so I opted with just the photo slideshows. I used animoto for these. I hope the parents appreciate it...I really enjoyed doing it! I told them that I will try to make it a habit to post once a week or after a special holiday or activity so they can see the photos.

Miss Smith's Fairview Blog

Monday, November 8, 2010


Here is my first attempt to a Screencast. I used Jing. It was VERY simple to use. For my Kindergarteners I thought it would be appropriate to show them how to use starfall.com.  This is a website we use frequently in school. I could post this on my classroom blog so parents can see how to use the website. At this use age, I do not think that students could manipulate the mouse to create a screencast on their own. I could work with them to make a screencast one on one.

Starfall Screencast #1

Starfall Screencast #2

....once you get started, you want to keep making more! :o) If you listen closely to the #2 you can hear my dog sniffing around--oh well, what are you gonna do?!?!?


For my Podcast I used Aviary. It was fairly simple to use and understand. It was difficult to get the hang of it. I tried using Audacity and Garageband. I needed something that was easy to share (embed) and this was it! The Podcast that I made was for letters and letter sounds. As a class, my Kindergarteners could use this application to record the sounds of their letters to share with their parents. I was thinking we could do this and then put it on my classroom blog so when the parents go to help their children with letter sounds, they can refer to this podcast as a reference and hear their children making the letter sounds.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Evidence of Networking Participation

Below are links to some of the evidence of my networking participation throughout the semester.

Jim's Blog

Jen's Blog

Sarah's Blog

Chad's Blog

* I commented on the Blackboard class discussion board. Jane Keaton had asked if anyone had ideas for art and I repsonded.

K12 Wiki

For the K12 Wiki I posted my Apple Webquest that I made along with the online worksheet that the students would need to print off to perform the Webquest.