Friday, September 10, 2010

Online Quiz

Shapes Quiz

For my online quiz, I put together a quiz to track students ability to identify names of shapes. This is for Kindergarteners, so I only made the quiz three questions long so it does not overwhelm them. I used ENJOY! I also made an Online Quiz in my Apple Webquest for evaluation.  With my Kindergarteners, it is more appropriate to have them taking the quiz rather than making an online quiz. They don't even understand what an quiz is let alone make one. They have a difficult time knowing what an actual question is, know how to ask questions. They think that commenting or sharing a story from their lives is asking a question ;) so cute!


  1. I cannot believe I missed one! I knew I hated those shapes for a reason.

  2. That was a nice quiz. I like the colors and the certificate at the end !

  3. Great quiz Samantha! Very appropriate for your Kindergarteners! :)