Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple WebQuest

The link below is my link for my Webquest. This WebQuest is a part of my Apple Unit. It is to teach children the parts of an apple. I also made an online quiz for them to take for the evaluation. Kindergarteners could not make their own Webquest unless helped one on one. So at their age, the purpose of the Webquest would be to familiarize them with the concept of a Webquest and getting them familiar with navigating on the computer.

Apple WebQuest

Apple Week Slideshow

This is my slideshow. I used animoto. I think the pictures may be moving too quickly, let me know what you think. I wanted to use all my apple photos but it wouldn't let me if I made it go slower. I would use this slideshow at Open House or Meet the Teacher Night to give parents and family members a glimpse into our everyday life. Students could take pictures using a digital camera of nature during a nature walk and then we could make a classroom slideshow of what we saw and they can use the slideshow to share with the other students in the class what they found.

Create your own video slideshow at

Friday, September 24, 2010

iPod touch

okay, I am going to be honest. I had no idea there were education apps for your iPod! So after class, I went home and played around with it and found a really cool app. It was 99cents but what are you gonna do?!?! So what it is, is an app where you put in all your students names and it put them on a "popsicle stick" and you can randomly pull names for centers, jobs, etc. using it. The app is called Teachers Pick. Sooooo fun. It is so much better than cluttering my desk with cups with sticks in them for grouping! Thought you would like to know!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Screencast dilemma

What should I do for a screencast for Kindergarteners? I could figure out how I could use it but 5 year olds using it? This is frustrating! :/

Primary Kindergarten Photo Album

Here are a few photos from my Primary Kindergarten class. I used Picasa to put my photos on the web. Picasa was very user friendly and quick to use. As I stated in my Photoslide show I would use this to hold all of the photos students took of nature while on our nature walk.  Together, we would then choose which pictures that we should make into our slideshow and then share with the class and other Kindergarten classrooms.

Primary Kindergarten Album

Friday, September 10, 2010

Online Quiz

Shapes Quiz

For my online quiz, I put together a quiz to track students ability to identify names of shapes. This is for Kindergarteners, so I only made the quiz three questions long so it does not overwhelm them. I used ENJOY! I also made an Online Quiz in my Apple Webquest for evaluation.  With my Kindergarteners, it is more appropriate to have them taking the quiz rather than making an online quiz. They don't even understand what an quiz is let alone make one. They have a difficult time knowing what an actual question is, know how to ask questions. They think that commenting or sharing a story from their lives is asking a question ;) so cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Doc Integration #2

For my second Google Doc Integration, I have made a Parent Contact Form for my parents to fill out at the beginning of the year. This way, I won't have to have index cards with information on them, I can go paperless and have it all on the web :) Below is my Parent Contact Form.

Parent Contact Form

Miss Smith's PM Kindergarten 2009-2010

Google Docs Integration #1

In my Primary Kindergarten classroom, we study the colors of the rainbow. I would assign each student a color of the rainbow. I have five students in my classroom. We will do the first slide together so they can get an idea of what we will be doing. During centers, I will call 2 students to the computers and I would work with the students to type and add pictures to their slides. Because these students are so young, getting them used to using a computer (both the mouse and the keyboard) is the main goal of these activities. We will then share the slide with another classroom through Google Docs and the other classroom will share their projects with our classroom.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Web 2.0 Research

I experiemented with  It is difficult applying technology to my classroom because I teach Kindergarten.  When I use technology the students need my assistance all of the time. I found that Tuxpaint was very child friendly and simple for them to use. I could have my students type their Everyday Words, draw the basic shapes or draw things that are a specific color. When the students are done with the pages I would print the pages and put them into a Take Home Book in which they would take turns taking the book home and sharing with their families.