Monday, November 8, 2010


For my Podcast I used Aviary. It was fairly simple to use and understand. It was difficult to get the hang of it. I tried using Audacity and Garageband. I needed something that was easy to share (embed) and this was it! The Podcast that I made was for letters and letter sounds. As a class, my Kindergarteners could use this application to record the sounds of their letters to share with their parents. I was thinking we could do this and then put it on my classroom blog so when the parents go to help their children with letter sounds, they can refer to this podcast as a reference and hear their children making the letter sounds.


  1. Friend, your podcast isnt working. Right now you have it set on private and you need to change it to public. I had the same problem. On the aviary page you need to click on you then profile and account settings. Then click on premission and license. Scroll to the bottom and make sure you have Creative Commons Attribution selected. After you have that selected that should make your creation public. Let me know if that helps.

  2. Jen....thank you sooooo much for your help:)