Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shape Hunt

For my video, I chose to have the students go on a shape hunt around our classroom. After studying the four basic shapes, I would have them find those shapes in common objects around the room. We would then video tape the students with the shapes that they found and put all of the clips together for our movie. This is the sample that I would show the students.  I would then post the video on my classroom blog for other students and parents to view.
I used iMovie. I found it to be VERY user friendly. I did find it odd that once I put the clips into the video, it cut a frame around the edge so it made the shot smaller. It was sort of frustrating. 


  1. I loved the shape video. I will from now on be noticing more and more things about the shapes around me. Great job! When is the sequal (Rhombus, diamond, spheres, and pyramids) coming out?

  2. Dont forget about, STARS, HEARTS, HEXAGONS and PENTAGONS! Haha that will be the sequal!